Ohio Winter and its Effect on Your Home

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February 15, 2019, by Ken, in Uncategorized
Ohio Winter and its Effect on Your Home
We are definitely in the depth of winter. Ice, snow, freezing and thawing. Did anyone else hear one of those "Frost Quakes"? That was really unusual! The brutal cold snap hits the water under ground and freezes and expands so quickly that it causes a loud sonic-type boom!
In our daily commutes, we experience what the freeze thaw effect has on the roads (dreaded Ohio potholes). This same effect is at work on all areas of your home too.
Ohio weather, as we all know, can change so quickly. This is hard on us, polo shirt today and a down jacket tomorrow, but can also wreak havoc on your home, successfully exposing its weak points.
What can a homeowner do about areas of concern like ice damming, storm-related power outages, wind damage and snow accumulation? Are there insulation and energy efficiency issues that can be addressed to help save money and keep the home warm?
There certainly are many issues to consider inside and outside.
Fortunately, there are solutions to these and many other wintertime issues for your home. Ice damming for example is a thick ridge of ice that builds up along the eaves. Those pretty icicles can tear off gutters and cause extensive damage but are really just a symptom of other issues.
Ice and snow can accumulate and pack down if we don't have a long warm spell to melt it all away. 
Did you know 1 inch of ice equals 1 foot of fresh snow? Several inches of ice hidden below inches or feet of snow can max out the structural design of your roof system. 
Even though melting snow quickly runs off steeper roofs, many homes have lower slopes and flat roof portions over porches or sunrooms that will collect the water only to refreeze again overnight.
Not so pretty now!
Proper installation of your roof, ensuring adequate ventilation, sufficient insulation, as well as quality materials can proactively eliminate problems before you have to use a snow rake or call for removal.
We've seen our share of these issues and more. While performing a Google search and watching YouTube videos can be informative, there is nothing like having over 20 years of experience, knowledge and skill just as readily available at your fingertips. Your home is most likely your most valuable investment. We're here for you to protect that investment.
The diagnosis of the problem is critical, be it your gutters, your roof or your foundation. 
We agree there is room for learning how to do many things around your home. However, much like calling the doctor for serious illness, many of these types of problems can only get worse without expert care. 
We can handle the direst situations or we may just suggest to get two rolls of insulation, apply some caulking and call us in the morning!
Sometimes it takes researching some practical advice. Most times it takes making the call to Mount Corrick Construction for evaluation and action. 
The coldest time of the year does not mean your home should tough it out until it's warm enough for "construction season." After all, February can be the time to show your home a little love.