Let The Sun Shine In!

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May 30, 2018, by Ken, in Uncategorized

We are very happy the weather has finally turned and the temperatures have risen and the sun is shining a little more warmly on us!  

It has definitely been an unusual spring, "sprinter", or could it be the calendar got stuck?  We think it was definitely the 120th of January at one point.

Wisdom dictates that if you cannot control something you need to let it go.  

No matter how hard we try, there's no way to control the weather. Seriously. Let it go.


However, it is also wise to overcome, improvise and adapt.

Especially here in Ohio where sunshine is a scarce commodity. 

A lot of people feel that any way that we can spend more time in the sun, the better.  

There are many ways to overcome the darkness and bring sunshine inside your home.

We have years of experience with the area's best suppliers to install a wide range of windows, skylights, tube lights, even glass doors that can brighten up any space! 

 There are also ways to improvise and make your home "outside"! Think of patios, decks, screen rooms, pergolas, gazebos and the many other creative ways people live outside. 

With new materials and lighting, the fun can continue well into the twilight and evening time for cooking outdoors, campfires and star gazing.  

 Adapting your surroundings to let the sunshine in can bring light to your life! 

 Think of having a beautiful sunrise breakfast at your patio table with built in seating, evening music on your enclosed porch, permanent lighting glowing on your patio or a glorious fire in your new fire pit.   

 Springtime brings renewal of hope, and blossoming of ideas!  

 We can help shine the light on your next project and cook up a winner!