October Obstacle Observations

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October 19, 2017, by Nate, in Uncategorized
John Mellencamp sang "you can bend me, you can break me, but you better stand clear when the walls start tumbling down."
Lately we've seen lots of evidence in the world that not only are the seasons changing 
but everything around us seems to be in a constant state of change.  


From our children growing into adults, 


to our landscapes, to our world views, 
our opinions,  


our choices in fashion, 


music, sport and theater.  


Everything and everyone is basically 
in perpetual motion towards some end, we imagine, by some means. 


Our  world spins through a vast field of space


in a particular moment in time, traveling along at speeds we don't see or feel - thank goodness! 


So as we're hurtling around our star in the galaxy, we can perceive only minute portions of what is actually happening about us.  




We frantically try to stay updated via our twitter feeds and Instagram accounts, headline news and daily mail and papers.  


 Still, even with all of our technology, all of the data that we are able to mine,
each of us can only accumulate and process a comparative speck. 


Is it no wonder then, that our attention spans have so shortened, 
our patience worn thin, our demands ever increasing on each other and our world to provide more? 
If a person were to double their knowledge, wealth, possessions in a day, by what can you then compare it? 


Do you now have two drops in the bucket versus one? 


Reaching the heights of excellence in life, 
in knowledge, in profits, in power, 
in anything can only truly be measured by your strongest foundation 
and tested by your weakest layer of accomplishment.  


Time tested truth, quality materials, transparent communication 
and honorable service. 


These things cannot be washed away by the winds of change or the sands of time. 


They may bend, sometimes be broken, 
but when the walls fall the foundation remains. 


 We can all stand on that.