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March 08, 2018, by Ken, in Uncategorized,
We're well into the new year and it's almost spring. A time for new beginnings. 
 To make a good start, let's review. 
 As you put away the holiday decorations from last year,
broomed up the leftover sprinkles 
and checked the walls for that piece of tape that wouldn't come off 
....maybe there was something else you noticed.  
Paint color, cracks, missing tiles, outdated flooring, missing pieces. 

What about all that gift wrapping? Did you really have space for your creative side?  
A table for your projects, the kid's science project or grandpa's train? 
Sometimes the attic, basement or spare room can be dramatically redesigned to enhance your current purpose for the space.
We polished and thought a little more ... envisioning the coming year.
Wouldn't this be nice?



December 06, 2017, by Ken, in Uncategorized,
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Time sure flies when you're having fun!  
The Holidays are upon us and a lot of us here at Mount Corrick Construction are not only thankful for our many blessings at that delicious Thanksgiving dinner, but we're also glad to enjoy some of the mild weather we've been having recently.  
It's great for getting the rest of our outside chores done as well as putting up those decorations!
We've been busy this year, as most of us are, but we wanted to be sure to say thank you to those responsible.  YOU!  
That's right, our customers and friends of Mount Corrick Construction keep us busy and we are so grateful.  
We noticed!!
We have met many new customers this year and have welcomed and been blessed with many new friends to add to the Mount Corrick family. 

We are also entirely grateful to all of our suppliers, vendors and professionals that work with us day in and day out all year.  Without your support, we would not be "Reaching the Heights of Excellence."
The Holidays are often a time of year that brings families and friends closer... inside ... home.  
We hope that our efforts throughout the year 
have helped to make your homes a warm and welcoming place for you and your families.
We've posted a lot of pictures over the last year on our Facebook page and our website.  
While we continue to work on projects over the fall and winter, we'll continue to add more. 
We welcome you to check them out if you haven't recently.  There are links at the bottom of the page.  
There are lots of photos and ideas there to choose from that could spark some ideas for your own home.  
We hope you enjoy seeing some of our work and also hope to inspire our friends to reach out to us whenever you or your friends need repairs or desire some remodeling.
Perhaps you're thinking of sketching out a design or picking out new tile colors, flooring options, etc., for your someone special ... and putting a note under your tree or in the fireplace stocking this year! 
We know that we are blessed by our customers and we cherish the opportunity to be welcomed into your homes to help you achieve your wants and needs.  We then welcome you, our customers, as friends and family. 
May your homes and families be happy, safe and warm for all your Holiday events and all Season long.
Merry Christmas! 
Ken & Kim Mount

October 19, 2017, by Nate, in Uncategorized,
John Mellencamp sang "you can bend me, you can break me, but you better stand clear when the walls start tumbling down."
Lately we've seen lots of evidence in the world that not only are the seasons changing 
but everything around us seems to be in a constant state of change.  


August 17, 2017, by Nate, in Uncategorized,
Your home, your property and your style all reflect who you are, where you are in life, and who you want to be. 

As much as an elderly grandmother will still push mow her yard or prune her roses, 
a young man will edge the sidewalk or fasten loose shutters or trim tall branches off trees to protect his roof.

A community will also be a reflection of the people who live in it and their desire to maintain their homes and
property to provide a safe and sustainable future for the posterity of the community. 
The style of your home's furnishings and fixtures are much like the kind of car you buy or clothes you wear. 
They, too, are a reflection of your current abilities, personality and at most times mirror what matters to you most. 
 Are you dependable? Are you responsible?  

December 21, 2016, by Nate, in Uncategorized,
Thanksgiving at Christmas 
We are giving thanks this Christmas and throughout the Holiday season for our customers, vendors, employees, sub-contractors and the community within which we work and live.
These past months have gone by so quickly, the time filling up with the many projects we've been working on for our customers. 
It's so easy when you're busy to not see the subtle, or not so subtle, changes happening around you and your world.  
Like this view out of the office ... one day it's turkeys grazing and it seems the next it's frigid and snow covered.
During this passage of time we wanted you to know that we spend every day dedicating our time you, the Mount Corrick Family.  
We very much enjoy decorating our home for the holidays and Kim does such a fabulous job.  
We thought you may enjoy seeing just a bit of our work, as well as our home.
When we built the house many years ago, it was an adjustment moving to a new community and new surroundings. 
We try to help our friends get the best "feel" for their projects.  
That way, like us, it's not just your house ... it's your home. 
The Holidays help remind us to appreciate our friends and loved ones even more. 
Watching family arrive through your own kitchen window, once you realize it, is wondrous.  Even if you're doing dishes!
Whether you call it a living room, a family room or a great room it certainly is all of those and more at the Holidays.  
Guests, family, friends, as well as you and your family can feel welcome there.
Don't fireplaces seem to glow a bit warmer when you're together?
Even our office is more festive this time of year!
(ps... Go Wildcats!)
Our family is grateful to have 
you be a part of our family.  
We wish you the peace and joy of the Holiday Season. 
August 22, 2016, by Ken, in Uncategorized,
In our line of work it's always a busy time during the summer.  The work is never ending, thank goodness; and thank you - our customers!

The fun, of course, is also non-stop.  

For those of us who love the outdoors... sports, camping, swimming, fishing, four-wheeling, hiking, campfires and shooting stars ... 

summer is the best!

Working outside can be difficult sometimes in the summer with the heat and the rain.  

But most of the time it's great!  We love working with our hands, building stuff, fixing stuff, tearing up stuff - LOL.

It's a great joy for us to be able to work for our customers to help fulfill their goals and dreams of a new kitchen, a great bathroom, expanding the living and family areas.  

We love to see our customers' faces as they enjoy their new rooms, their new decks, even their new windows.

So, although we are busy, sometimes
we are hectic and get tired, nothing brings us more happiness than each day striving to do better, to be more efficient, to keep learning all the newest materials and techniques ... not only for ourselves, but for you, our customers. 

At Mount Corrick Construction we continue to reach for the heights of excellence ...
but love to jump in the pool.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer folks!!


July 06, 2016, by Ken, in Uncategorized,

June 08, 2016, by Ken, in Uncategorized,
Good Morning Ken :
Your home. 

It's the place you love to come home to after a long day or even a short vacation. 
Our homes house our families and friends, sometimes our hopes and treasures.
Have you noticed she's begun to, shall we say, show her age?  Don't worry ... that's where we can help.  

While your home's beauty is not superficial, even a "facelift" like a new breezeway, patio, 
entrance door or even just replacing those missing or loose shingles can pretty things up a bit.

Sometimes we just need to stand back and take a good hard look.  Have we become accustomed to the broken spouting?  Cracked windows?  Nothing that cannot be fixed ... like a new wardrobe!
Does your home need another room for a nursery ... or that spare room remodeled? 

How long have we put off the deck and hot tub?  Haven't we wanted new fencing or railing for the new puppy or the baby that's on the way, neighbors or grandkids?  
It's like those grey hairs, they sneak up on you and if you put them off too long, soon, you just have grey hair.  The kids and puppies grow way too fast.
Playing at home is always fun.  
Have the kids outgrown the swing set and really need a ball court?  
How about a rock climbing wall or human fooseball court?
You've finally got time to cook and entertain, but the kitchen is not quite up to it.

What about the deck?
Now we're ready!
 It's amazing what some expert makeovers can do!!  Fabulous !!
Of course, don't forget her foundation and systems.  All the plumbing, heating and cooling systems up and running?   
It's gonna get hot in there this summer.  
Have the spring rains produced any leaks in the basement?  Be sure your home is more than just a pretty face and can take care of you through the elements.
Your house may not be the White House ....
But it is your castle.  Be sure to treat her like a lady.


May 13, 2016, by Ken, in Uncategorized,
Mankind will always need shelter.

However, changes in materials, designs and overall concepts in construction are pretty much a constant in construction.  
Recently, we've been seeing mini houses, 
"hobbit" houses built
 into the ground 
 and cliff dwelling houses built into mountain faces just to name a few.

Interior designs today are much more eco-friendly, open and efficient spaces. 
Now, you could get really environmentally friendly... 
or put a plan together with a trusted partner.
Heating, cooling, and appliances are being designed and built with energy efficiency and a more modern style.  
Wood-plastic Composite
Materials choices are scrutinized by their sustainability and proper fit for the application including meeting the desired life cycle.
Straw Bale Construction
Straw-bale construction is a building method that uses bales of straw (commonly wheat, rice, rye and oats straw) as structural elements, building insulation, or both.
Flooring materials can include cork, bamboo, concrete (pictured here) as well as glass tile, rubber, leather and reclaimed hardwood to name a few.
Stamped Concrete
Cork Flooring
Bamboo Flooring


April 11, 2016, by Ken, in Uncategorized,
We've all heard of April showers bringing May flowers.  
Living in Ohio, you also have April snow, ice, sleet, sun, thunder, lightening, ferocious winds and maybe even a tornado.  
April brings Springtime weather and all the joys and complications of water.  
Earth Day is April 22.  Senator Gaylord Nelson had a desire to bring environmental issues to the forefront of politics and did so with the help of then President Kennedy in 1963.
  The resulting interest in the issues led to the first organized Earth Day gathering in 1970.

February 09, 2016, by Ken, in Uncategorized,
This month we celebrate the 50th Super Bowl!  
And no, it's not called Super Bowl L this year.  
We have come a long way from the first match up in 1967 between Kansas City and Green Bay at LA Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles to Super Bowl 50 between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers on February 7th at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara California.  
In Super Bowl #1, Bart Starr's Packers beat Len Dawson's Chiefs 35-10.  
Many fans will also look forward to the innovative, fun and creative marketing developed for the commercials during the game.  Who can forget the famous Budweiser commercials and last year's dog driving the Subaru?
Of course then it's the half-time show, the only thing most of us actually look forward to with it's world-class epic entertainment.
It's hard to find a good time to head to the kitchen to fill up on all the fabulous goodies spread all over the counter in appropriate football  shaped bowls!  
  The game is also the best time to bring up that the Cleveland Browns have been NFL Champions.  What?!?! you say?  
The Browns nearly dominated the NFL in the 1950s, and won one more NFL championship in 1964. The team has yet to appear in a Super Bowl, however. Overall, the team has eight championships: four in the AAFC, and four in the NFL.  The Browns are one of only four teams to have never appeared in a Super Bowl. The other three teams are the Detroit Lions, the Houston Texans, and the Jacksonville Jaguars.
4 AAFC Championships
4 NFL Championships
12 Conference Titles

9 NFL Division Titles
 Vince Lombardi, the coach of the first super bowl's Green Bay Packers, has said "The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual."  Another quote of his,"People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society."  He is often quoted for his coaching wisdom and the trophy presented to the winning team is named the Lombardi Trophy.  A winning attitude is not only beneficial in the game of football.  I am also looking forward to coaching my players through the middle school basketball tournaments.  
Peyton Manning and Cam Newton are experienced in applying those attitudes and combining them with strength and intelligence.  Studying film, knowing the players and their talents and preparing for the defense are actionable steps.  

Style, preparation and tenacity may get you into the game and to step onto the field, but it's knowledge, experience and integrity that keeps you there.  

Knowing what will and won't work in your home, your tastes and preferences, and then timing, implementation and results transform your living areas into the stuff dreams are made of.
Let's play!!


January 13, 2016, by Ken, in Uncategorized,
2016 is here!  
        Happy New Year! 
Many of us will be discussing resolutions such as diet,
or even prioritizing family and work life as we begin the New Year.  It's nice to look back and see what we can do better.  Let's start the year off right by not procrastinating.  
Let's not just plan, but take action!
In 2015 we reviewed being prepared, having a vision and securing that vision through trusted partners.  
For 2016, let's take action! 
Here are a few examples of some actionable ideas completed by your fellow neighbors.
We recently did a project for a customer to simply update the cabinetry throughout her kitchen.
Another fun project was a climbing wall, 
and who doesn't like a beautiful relaxing shower or a soak in a candlelit tub?
What about finally getting the roof fixed?
Carpeting the basement?
Painting the living room or repairing the stairs?
Having a baby?  Add a nursery!!
Miss the sun during the winter months?  
Add a 3-season room or remodel the porch!
Planning and budgeting and estimating are great.  What's even better is taking action to see the best of what can actually take shape.  
Call Mount Corrick and let's reach our goals together!
December 16, 2015, by Ken, in Uncategorized,
 Looking at the calendar brings back so many memories of Holidays past. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanakkah,  Kwanzaa or another tradition, there are sure to be memories of childhood wishes and delight, celebrating with family and friends, then perhaps with your own

Our family loves Christmas and all the joy, promise and hope that the birth of Christ brings to us.kitten_in_christmas_tree.jpg
The word Christmas comes from the Mass of Christ.  The "Christ-Mass" service was the only one in olden times that was allowed to take place after sunset and had to be before sunrise, so people had it at Midnight. Over the years, the celebration was shortened to Christmas. 
Instead of the 19th Century St. Nicholas of Dutch origin, have the current red-suited fellow.
We also hang stockings by the fireplace. New Amsterdam children long ago set their shoes on the chimney corners on St Nicholas Eve.  
It's said the fireplace is symbolic of happiness and good luck.  Indeed there's a legend that St. Nicholas dropped bags of gold into the stockings of a poor man in order to deliver his girls from a dreadful life.  
The Romans, Babylonians, Egyptians and Druidic cultures have a long history of using greenery in celebration, symbolic of fertility and regeneration.  The early 19th century Pennsylvania Dutch took on the spreading European tradition of using an evergreen tree.  Instead of hanging toys and gifts on the tree, we now place more symbolic, or ornamental, items on the tree and the gifts underneath. 
Did you know that Christmas used to be celebrated on January 6th and is still celebrated on the 7th by many Orthodox churches?  Hanukkah's Festival of Lights also starts on the 25th of Kislev (the month in the Jewish calendar that occurs at about the same time as December). It's believed that the more likely date of Christ's birth was during the Roman census during "Sukkot" or the Feast of the Tabernacles, which in 2015 was September 27th through October 4th. Many would travel to Jerusalem for the "tent" festival.  Mary & Joseph would have then taken the 6-mile journey to Bethlehem where they planned on seeking shelter at an inn, but of course there was no room!
Many years ago the "Roman" or Julian Calendar was used but it was replaced by the Gregorian calendar.  Because of that, the dates October 5-14, 1582 did not exist!  The day after October 4th was October 15th!! 
Also, the year "0AD" does not exist.  In fact, the first Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine, celebrated the first Christmas ever recorded in the year 336AD.  A few years later, Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on the 25th of December.  
We can thank the English for the custom of picking a berry and kissing under the Mistletoe ("dung" "twig").  After the berries are gone under this parasitic plant, no more kissing!  The Norse mythologists believed it was a symbol of love and friendship.
Long ago, Constantine believed that in order to get along, many beliefs had to be merged so that more of the community was represented by national traditions.  
While some resisted, such as the early American Puritans, who worked hard and banned celebration on Christmas, our past has a great influence on our present and our future.  
Be sure to bring the knowledge of the past along with you on your journey through the holidays this year.  We can forge a much brighter future with the great stories and wisdom of our elders.
The times will change, styles will change, and time wears away at the old and ushers in the new.  Mount Corrick can help you update the look with some old fashioned dedication to you, our customers.  Without you, our Christmas, our Holidays, would not be as merry or bright.  
We wish all of you the very best this season.  
Peace, love, comfort and joy too all.  
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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July 19, 2015, by Ken Mount, in Disaster Prevention,

How To Prevent Water Damage