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August 22, 2016, by Ken, in Uncategorized
In our line of work it's always a busy time during the summer.  The work is never ending, thank goodness; and thank you - our customers!

The fun, of course, is also non-stop.  

For those of us who love the outdoors... sports, camping, swimming, fishing, four-wheeling, hiking, campfires and shooting stars ... 

summer is the best!

Working outside can be difficult sometimes in the summer with the heat and the rain.  

But most of the time it's great!  We love working with our hands, building stuff, fixing stuff, tearing up stuff - LOL.

It's a great joy for us to be able to work for our customers to help fulfill their goals and dreams of a new kitchen, a great bathroom, expanding the living and family areas.  

We love to see our customers' faces as they enjoy their new rooms, their new decks, even their new windows.

So, although we are busy, sometimes
we are hectic and get tired, nothing brings us more happiness than each day striving to do better, to be more efficient, to keep learning all the newest materials and techniques ... not only for ourselves, but for you, our customers. 

At Mount Corrick Construction we continue to reach for the heights of excellence ...
but love to jump in the pool.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer folks!!