Summer Makeover

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June 08, 2016, by Ken, in Uncategorized
Good Morning Ken :
Your home. 

It's the place you love to come home to after a long day or even a short vacation. 
Our homes house our families and friends, sometimes our hopes and treasures.
Have you noticed she's begun to, shall we say, show her age?  Don't worry ... that's where we can help.  

While your home's beauty is not superficial, even a "facelift" like a new breezeway, patio, 
entrance door or even just replacing those missing or loose shingles can pretty things up a bit.

Sometimes we just need to stand back and take a good hard look.  Have we become accustomed to the broken spouting?  Cracked windows?  Nothing that cannot be fixed ... like a new wardrobe!
Does your home need another room for a nursery ... or that spare room remodeled? 

How long have we put off the deck and hot tub?  Haven't we wanted new fencing or railing for the new puppy or the baby that's on the way, neighbors or grandkids?  
It's like those grey hairs, they sneak up on you and if you put them off too long, soon, you just have grey hair.  The kids and puppies grow way too fast.
Playing at home is always fun.  
Have the kids outgrown the swing set and really need a ball court?  
How about a rock climbing wall or human fooseball court?
You've finally got time to cook and entertain, but the kitchen is not quite up to it.

What about the deck?
Now we're ready!
 It's amazing what some expert makeovers can do!!  Fabulous !!
Of course, don't forget her foundation and systems.  All the plumbing, heating and cooling systems up and running?   
It's gonna get hot in there this summer.  
Have the spring rains produced any leaks in the basement?  Be sure your home is more than just a pretty face and can take care of you through the elements.
Your house may not be the White House ....
But it is your castle.  Be sure to treat her like a lady.