Happy New Year 2016

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January 13, 2016, by Ken, in Uncategorized
2016 is here!  
        Happy New Year! 
Many of us will be discussing resolutions such as diet,
or even prioritizing family and work life as we begin the New Year.  It's nice to look back and see what we can do better.  Let's start the year off right by not procrastinating.  
Let's not just plan, but take action!
In 2015 we reviewed being prepared, having a vision and securing that vision through trusted partners.  
For 2016, let's take action! 
Here are a few examples of some actionable ideas completed by your fellow neighbors.
We recently did a project for a customer to simply update the cabinetry throughout her kitchen.
Another fun project was a climbing wall, 
and who doesn't like a beautiful relaxing shower or a soak in a candlelit tub?
What about finally getting the roof fixed?
Carpeting the basement?
Painting the living room or repairing the stairs?
Having a baby?  Add a nursery!!
Miss the sun during the winter months?  
Add a 3-season room or remodel the porch!
Planning and budgeting and estimating are great.  What's even better is taking action to see the best of what can actually take shape.  
Call Mount Corrick and let's reach our goals together!