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November 10, 2015, by Ken, in Uncategorized



Be Prepared No Matter the Season

We all know the beauty, serenity and closeness of home and family that the Autumn Season brings to North East Ohio.

One of the best things you can do to prevent any homeowner's headaches is to be like the Scouts and be prepared.

Soon most of our activities will move indoors.  We'll all try to enjoy some of the comforts that brings ... a fireplace, hot cocoa, apple pie baking in the oven and wool socks to keep us warm.  

We may also get excited to binge watch our favorite shows...
However, lurking at the back of our minds is all the stuff that needs attention.
Leaves - in the gutters, on the yard.
Trees - overhanging the roof... ants getting on the house?
Roof - are there any loose shingles or do we need a repair?
Insulation and weatherstripping or new windows?
Pipes leaking or need insulated?
Mower -  change the oil, winterize, wash the deck.
Ready for snow and ice removal (I know, we used "that" word)- shovels or plow ready, salt, car ready?

It's also time to think about preparation for the fast approaching Holidays with visiting family and friends.  What can we do to add that touch of comfort, beauty or functionality to our home?  Flooring, paint, a fireplace, counter tops, cabinet re-facing or that kitchen island you've always wanted?  

In order for all these things to be taken care of, we need to take the time to consider what needs done.  We need to schedule time to get it done or hire someone to take care of the job.  Either way, repairs that aren't taken care of now turn into much more costly repairs later.  The time to act is now so that we are prepared.  

It's only a few weeks until Santa's sleigh will be getting ready for the annual trip.  Wouldn't it be nice to be ready? Call Mount Corrick Construction today.  We'll be happy to help.
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