New Beginnings

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March 08, 2018, by Ken, in Uncategorized
We're well into the new year and it's almost spring. A time for new beginnings. 
 To make a good start, let's review. 
 As you put away the holiday decorations from last year,
broomed up the leftover sprinkles 
and checked the walls for that piece of tape that wouldn't come off 
....maybe there was something else you noticed.  
Paint color, cracks, missing tiles, outdated flooring, missing pieces. 

What about all that gift wrapping? Did you really have space for your creative side?  
A table for your projects, the kid's science project or grandpa's train? 
Sometimes the attic, basement or spare room can be dramatically redesigned to enhance your current purpose for the space.
We polished and thought a little more ... envisioning the coming year.
Wouldn't this be nice?



As we changed the calendars, as we finalized our taxes, and closed up the boxes of 2017, the canvas of this year's "postings" are ready to be painted. Was there something missing from last year's photos that you uploaded to Facebook or Instagram?  
Did the family picnic get held in the garage instead of on the deck?

Did Grandma not come to Thanksgiving because of steps or handrails or other safety concerns?
Did you have company over and no one had room to sleep?  
Imagine the images that could be shared by completely changing the landscape of your surroundings.

What about the next championship or the big game? 
Are you the welcoming host or the travelling guest yet again to someone else's media room? Additions and remodels are what we do.  
Re-purposing a room from a bedroom to a laundry or media room can be an option for you if an addition blows the budget.

Housing it's our business. Refinance and mortgage rates have gone up. Albeit only less than a point so far since this time last year. 
We understand that people are cautious in buying or refinancing homes. It is, after all, probably your biggest investment. 

That's why reimagining your existing space and breathing new life or additional square footage into your current investment can yield safer returns.

We've always believed that your home, built on a solid foundation, can be a lasting retreat and haven as long as it's properly maintained and repaired.  
So, pull up a chair and let's get started creating the vision you'll be glad to come home to.